spring chicken!

The time of the year almost as bad as the weeks before the exam are the weeks AFTER the exam.

It’s like, all we do is watch random movies in class these days. Totally pointless days in school. I mean, they should just let us stay at home and watch random movies and TV in our own time! Or start school at 9am, at the very least. I hate having to wake up at 6am when I know that school is meaningless anyway.

But there was spring cleaning today, which was kinda fun, since we flooded the classroom with pails of water and got mildly wet. Getting wet is the same in rain or in classroom – after awhile, you stop bothering about wetting your clothes.

3K worked great together with our highly participative form teacher, and made this spring cleaning a success!

A legacy for how long it takes to evaporate.

Also, Lit RA night beckons.

m. lisa

she was scouted by a few effeminate men in berets.
they took her away and paid her two thousand dollars,
and pasted her face on conspicuous blinking billboards.
they say she’s beauty incarnate,
a benchmark for husbands to judge their wives by,
though if you examine it closely
her face was only ever made of canvas.


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