A girl in my cell group happened to see me performing yesterday, so now half the cell knows.

Not good, Matthew. Not good at all.

It’s a week to the end of school!

I think there’s an SL fair Jonathan and I have to prepare for in four days’ time. We haven’t started, but nothing can ruin my Good Spirits Due To Impending End Of Term! Also, I turn 15 in one month (minus four days)’s time, and I’m growing taller, and I’m a PSL!

It’s really easy to keep yourself from being emo. Even crossdressing doesn’t bother me anymore.

Literally Literary (hereon referred to as LitRA Night, which was its working title and infinitely less tongue-twisterish), could not have been held on a worse time! It’s the night before Chinese ‘O’ levels, which kind of rules out the Sec 4 IP students and Sec 3s from other schools =( C’mon! You can get to see the three LitRA plays plus a few random hilarious sketches! It’ll be FUN!


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