pre-sem jitters

Pre-post advertisement
Hi kids! Lit RA is putting up a night of plays and random sketches on Tuesday night, including the award-winning Deader than Fiction, which yours truly is participating in! TICKETS ARE FREE, and you know that when there is an opportunity to see ME in a skirt and generally being a slut on stage, you just have to grab it. Grab the opportunity, I mean, not the skirt, because that would be totally sick.

Lit Sem is tomorrow! *screams*

For some reason I’m also going to Rafflesian Spotlight tonight, since my class has four prefects and I couldn’t stand the endless touting. These days, the Rafflesian Spotlight ticket is like a Flag Day sticker: you have one, the prefects back off and go look for other targets to advertise.

Also, my GPA is out! Since I’m a respectable Rafflesian, I shall emo over my abysmal showings for this year!

English – 3.6 (77%)
Expected. I screwed up a few stuff. Fourth highest in class – could have been better but I’ll settle for this.

Chinese – 3.2 (68%?)
An improvement, an improvement! My (relatively) good Chinese EOY and my better grades this time round pulled this up a grade. Not enough for a 3.6 – but that would have taken a miracle, since I nearly failed Chinese last semester.

Math (x2) – 2.8 (62%)
My EOY did me no favours, but I was nowhere near a 3.2 in any case.

SS – 3.6 (72%?)
A 3.6 is okay, I guess. At the start of the year, everyone thought SS was an easy 4.0 to get, but only one guy in my class got it.

History – 3.6 (70%!)
Haha! It’s so nice to scrape a grade. I screwed up the EOY and was totally expecting 3.2 for this!

Lit* – 3.6 (79%)
NOT SO NICE, THOUGH, TO BE ONE MARK SHORT OF THE NEXT GRADE. Especially for Lit! Still, a 3.6 is still a respectable grade for an RA subject, except that I COULD JUST HAVE MADE THAT 4.0.

Chem – 3.6 (79%)
ARGH. I haven’t really been trying hard for Chem except for the EOYs, so the high grades were a pleasant surprise – but I was still one mark away from a 4.0. It’s still a really good grade though, since I actually failed the previous CCT because I didn’t study well.

Physics – 2.8 (62%?)
I haven’t been getting Physics concepts this year, especially the non-math parts of it (yes, I know I’m a slut for being relatively good at math).

Overall GPA – 3.29

An improvement from last semester (3.11), yes, but still a really miserable grade, especially since the guy sitting next to me named Jarrell got 3.84. The thing that really bugs me is the fact that I’ve got NO 4.0s this year, unlike probably 60% of the cohort.


Why is maths double-weightage anyway?

I hate the GPA system.

It’s like, if you get 69, you’re lots worse than someone who got a 70; if you get 40, you’re much better than someone who got 39.

We should have a fairer aggregate score thingy that actually takes every mark into account!

Telcos and carparks are all coming up with per-second billing rates, since per-minute billing is way too unfair. Why can’t schools do the same?


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