mark my words, part two

My marks are all in. Nothing spectacular today, nothing too bad as well. From my apathetic point of view, that is.

Lit – 40/50 [80%]
I received the set text first, which was 18/25 and got me emo. Then again I honestly expected much worse for my set text. I wasn’t coherent and/or thinking properly and couldn’t link up my ideas well. But the unseen was great, 22/25! I did the prose, too, which was supposed to be harder. 40 is decent, even for Lit RA! But I lost to Jarrell by four. I think it’s a very lenient marker on his part, but I’m just being bitter.

History – 25/40 [63%]
I think I’m the lowest in class, but I’m not too bothered because everyone got 20+ too. Plus, I’m not as fazed by History as I would be in English or Lit or something I honestly like. Apparently the marker was really strict. Bah. My History is nowhere as good as it was last year!

English – 36/45 [80%]
Damn! I didn’t top this one. Zhixuan got around 40. I got 21/25 for my situational-essay-with-cool-title, but 14/20 for the comprehension. (I suck at comprehension questions. It’s always the summary or essay that pulls my compres up) Then I got moderated up one mark, which got me ecstatic because I hit 80%. This brought my overall English grade up to a respectable 77%.

Going to watch HCI’s play-fest, or whatever you call it, tomorrow.


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