mark my words, part one

Today was the first of two GetBackExamScriptsAndStartFlagellatingYourself days! In chronological order (so you can clearly see how my day started to suck after recess).

Chemistry – 69/80 [87%]
Yay! My mugging sure paid off. Fourth highest in class, and a great improvement over the previous CCT which I FAILED (for lack of effort, as usual). I got 79% overall, which is kind of the bittersweet mark – just one more mark to that highly coveted 4.0! I mean, if I had just PASSED that last CCT…

SS – 21/30 [70%]
It was pretty meh. Previously we heard rumours that half the cohort failed SS, and Mr Yuen confirmed that. But apparently all his classes did well because of his strict marking in term time, so we now love him! NO failures in my class! I got back Q1 first, which I got 9/15 for, so I started freaking out, but 12/15 for the next one was pretty average so that neutralised it. I think my 3.6 for SS may be lost, but I don’t care that much for the subject.

Chinese – 71.5/100 + 12.5/20 [70%]
Yay! The letter-writing was done some time before, and I didn’t do too well, but the paper pulled the overall grade up to a round 70%! Most people got 60+ for this paper, so I’m feeling pretty high (in the “f***ing high” way, not the “OMG-my-marks-are-so-high” way). Next year I work much harder for Chinese and keep this up for the ‘O’s! A1 is 75!

RECESS [Calm before the storm]

Maths – 46.5/80 [59%]
Bitch. You know how it hurts when you study for something so hard and you get a shitty result. I can’t say much of the other subjects, but I spent a really long time studying math. I was distracted, true, but I didn’t deserve a 59%. I got four marks lost to sheer sheer stupidity (I FACTORISED WRONGLY TWICE OMGOMG AND GOT ZERO FOR THE PARTIAL FRACTIONS
QUESTION WHICH WAS ARGUABLY THE EASIEST). Anyway, nine people failed in my class, and the highest in class was Zaki with ‘only’ a 61, but that’s no excuse. I ought to ace math, even if I hate ‘A’ math.

Physics – 49/80 [61%]
I barely studied for Physics, just a few nights before and the afternoon before the test in the library. I managed to cover everything, but not in depth, obviously. I didn’t know what to expect, and it showed. I won’t complain about this too much. I didn’t screw up spectacularly, I just lost marks here and there and it added up.

History, Lit and English papers tomorrow. I’m hoping they are good results, but as with all essay papers, there’s no telling how badly you’ll screw up.


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