I will be working on Esplanade Chee full-time. Someday, I’ll edit it heavily and get it published. When Chapter Five’s out, you’ll be the first one to know.

Also, waterpolo trainings appear to be EVERYDAY now, for some reason. Great. I think my holiday can yet be saved.

I, the Perennially Underwhelmed One, am officially fretting about Lit Seminar.


Joel: I went to watch Evan Almighty!
Hoho and everyone else: Lame!


Hoho: So what does this tell you about God?
Joel: Oh, I know! God doesn’t want to simply give you whatever you want (ie. patience, faith) but he wants to give you an opportunity to work for it!
Hoho: Wow, how you know?
Joel: I learnt it from Evan Almighty!

I don’t want to delve into that “My Life Sucks And Nobody Gives A Shit” phase yet again, but I think I can safely conclude that my life’s a sham. False appearances and burst-bubble dreams.


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