let’s go chase cars on the jakarta streets for the fun of it

Damn! I realised that I can’t go for the SPH newspaper competition (14-15th) this year, because it clashes with my waterpolo trip to Jakarta (11th-15th)! Talk about, um, bad luck!

But it’s okay! I shall be committed to my CCA and try to get into the team!

… and this is where I insert a cute “(:” that would have naturally endeared everyone to my cause and caused them to encourage me on the tagboard, except that no one really cares and everybody hates me, which means that I must break into an emo rhyming couplet:

Wintry crevice and the trapdoor of my heart’s sole desire
I am pissed because my pants are on FIRE

I AM BAD AT THIS EMO THING, so give me time.


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