Man, I feel good after training.

Which does not bode well, since I am in actuality aching almost everywhere. I fear… I am slowly being turned into a jock! I mean, all I need now is unnaturally large biceps and chest and an IQ of about 10!

But training was cool.

It was my first training in really long, since the suspension on CCAs had just been lifted after the exams, and I had a lecture on Wednesday. We got to play against the Sec Ones, which was ALMOST fair game, since they had been training for so long under the pro Chinese coach, and I had been sweating my butt off mugging at home and skipping CCA. But Sec Ones being Sec Ones, they were kinda lousy and nervous with the ball. And they got scared at the slightest challenge. And it was thus very easy to tackle them and run away with the ball, which I did several times.

I only scored once myself, but it was one of my assists that made my day (at the expense of Sec One goalkeeper, who was Kaiyu’s brother). We were attacking, but some defender took the ball and made a bad pass to the keeper, which I pounced upon. The keeper scrambled the ball to himself but I just kept obstructing him with outstretched hand and scaring him, making him back down from the goalmouth to the corner of the field. He had not the sense nor the expertise to take a foul, so I just kept pushing him and freaking him out. Eventually the goalkeeper got sacked for some reason (O_O) and I passed the ball to Ervin, who shot into an empty goal.


And you know what? Waterpolo isn’t all that bad. It’s just the people with attitude problems in the CCA that made it really bad.


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