what’s in a… never mind

A few of us were at the Bishan library mugging Lit on Wednesday afternoon, where we started to talk about surnames because Jonathan told us (once again) about his planned children and their names. One of which like, Cory or something.

Someone: Ugh! Cory Lian!

And we started giving names to surnames.

Anyway, Shanzhi would have a kid named Peripe Thia (this one is hard to get, and Lit-related), Jonathan would have an “Ah Lian”, and “Rambu Tan” and such also popped up.

My name is really quite nice to play around with! Although I wouldn’t want children named Totto or Chan Mali or Hitmon.

I think I’ll just end up giving birth to asexual people named Bob.

(if I even give birth anyway)


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