The value of everything in the world inflates except our allowance.

I wanted to blog today to prepare for tomorrow’s English – I reckon blogging’s a reason why I’ve been doing so well in English so far. I get writing practice like everyday!

Oh anyway, I got full marks for UNSW Maths OMG!!!!1111oneoneone! Yay! I feel so gratified. There’s a prize presentation at the Australian Embassy in November for all the people who got full – we get medals! Hah! Praise the Lord!

…Except for my ever-supportive class, who reckon that the paper must have been “very easy” if I could have gotten full marks. As Rich (who got 35/40) says, “I think it’s very easy if you mug for it!”

I’m too lazy to write, and too stoned to come up with good ideas anyway. Chapter Five of Esplanade Chee is coming out soon.

In Soviet Russia, exams sit for YOU!


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