Physics lesson: Mr Ng’s attempts at overly unrealistic encouragement

Mr Ng: Alright. I am about to return the CCT papers. I would like to commend two people. They have been doing poorly, but they did VERY well this test. They are…… Thomas and Jun Liang.
*class cheers* (When Thom is commended by any teacher, it’s a humorous event for all, and even Thom joins in the laughter)
Mr Ng: They have not been doing well previously, but this CCT, they passed!
*class explodes into laughter*

Later Physics lesson: A culpable student is ME!
Mr Ng is going through the CCT. I got that question correct, and thus opted to read something given out previously. And suddenly –
Beng: OW! WHAT THE HELL? (goes into spasm and tears slightly)
Class is puzzled. The cause of this uncharacteristic outburst is a rubber band which hit him on the back.
Mr Ng: Alright, class. Who did this?
Me: Huh?
Mr Ng: What happened, Matthew? Jarrell? (who is sitting next to me, right behind Beng)
Me: I didn’t do anything!
Mr Ng: Alright. Jarrell and Matthew, see me after class.

After class, I clarify that I had no part to do with this. Apparently, Jarrell had been playing with a rubber band, which slipped off the top of his finger and hit Beng (presumably lightly), thus causing Beng’s unrest.

People started making fun of Beng, which was rather evil. However arrogant and insensitive I may be, I will NEVER make fun of someone when he’s crying and in a mild state of spasm!

It’s not fun to do that, anyway. I prey on egos, not lack thereof.

After school: Chinese teachers should get paid much more than this, for the crap they have to suffer

RI has this really cool system when it comes to Chinese. We go for a few Chinese “cultural” events, and they give us a few marks for the overall grade. Which doesn’t sound worth it, but it’s free marks for the taking, and we do nothing but antagonise Chinese teachers!

Anyway, today was the last session of the year, and I still had to go for one more, so I went. Apparently, like two hundred other people thought so too. We squeezed into the Seminar Room. I went quite a little late and had to sit on the floor, which sort of quelled any motivation of mine to listen to the lecture at all.

No one was listening to the teacher, and she kept stopping to demand our respect and attention and stuffs. A lesser teacher would have stormed off in tears, but Ms/Mrs Hu Lei seemed really tenacious, going on and on to two hundred inattentive/sleeping students, among which was SEETOW, who graced the occasion with his witty and acerbic remarks.

At the end, we all filled in the feedback form (the feedback form is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of the lecture, it affirms your presence and gets you the marks!) and left.

The Chinese Lit Club members helping to give out the forms were SUPER pissed off, because it was so obvious we were there for the marks and not interested in anything else. Haha!

My chutzpah knows no bounds!

Man, first day of proper school, and already three interesting tales to tell.


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