There was a library slip in my book (Chocolat by Joanne Harris. It’s great! More later). Someone had borrowed the book three months before. I recognise the name to be that of a primary three classmate. I sat next to her in class for a period of time and amused her with my randomness.

Chocolat, anyway, talks about witches, chocolate shops and gypsies. Basically, the antagonist is the local Catholic priest who is oldschool and traditional in his beliefs. The book is refreshingly pagan. I’ve been through more irreverent stuff (*coughDanBrowncough*). And anyway, it doesn’t really attack the Church so much as the establishment.

The house system of Hogwarts is really flawed. Like, Gryffindor gets all the brilliant and brave at heart who all grow up to be heroes. Slytherin gets all the crafty scheming people with heaps of character flaws, who always turn out to be pro-Voldemort, though they NEVER match up to the Gryffindors. The other two houses are relatively nondescript. What kind of a house system automatically elevates the members of one house to be heroes, and the members of another to be lowdown, calculative thieves? Terribly fatalistic.

I always do Sorting quizzes online and get sorted into Ravenclaw, which is kind of a lame house to be in. It would be like the GEP of Hogwarts, where everyone would be huddled in the Great Hall every morning to discuss test answers and study for the next test, and everyone would suck in sports and have strange medical conditions.

I was bored.


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