my shower song

I don’t have DMP tomorrow! It’s my only free day, and I’m lucky that I even have one. But I’m going back to school to play soccer if I bother to.

All the sleeping in Maths lessons is coming back to haunt me. But I think I can still ace it if I keep working on the notes. And I haven’t starting revising the sciences at all and I’m scared there’s no time.

Get a Facebook.

I’ve been humming a Chinese song to myself but I forgot what it’s called.

The prefect nominees today were as boring as the first batch, with the exception of Koh Zhi You (who sounds familiar. I think I saw his name before in the RT member list). Naturally, he punned his name and did a campaign based on “You”. He started singing a song called Only One You on stage, and gave an over-elaborate curtsey at the end. I admire his guts, because I wouldn’t dare to sing on the podium, especially if I sang that badly. (no, seriously. Everyone on the ground was like giggling to themselves during the rendition, which was quite sad, but totally expected.)

Why do people want to become prefects anyway, other than for the special badge and black shoes? It’s more work than glamour, and every single prefect gets turned into a multi-purpose teacher’s pet and the peeve of us ‘common folk’. If the prefect nominees really knew what they were in for, I doubt there’d be as many people still enthusiastic about it all.

Why am I actually taking a keen interest in school affairs and trying to take up leadership positions? It’s because there’s really only one year left, and I don’t want to leave as completely nothing, though I probably will, since there’s no space in that school for an anarchist.

I don’t know if my voice got deeper naturally, or if it has just been seasoned by yet another layer of cynicism. Because it sometimes does that.

A conversation on Abel’s tagboard
zhi ming: lol jack. but i think i most jacked. i counted down to my bday, yet only my brother remembered. *emo-es*
mooty: zhiming, you should advertise and publicise it shamefully a few days before, hinting loudly about ideal presents.
zhi ming: i did i did! as in advertise. but not hinting about presents. i don’t expect presents. because i normally don’t get any. =/
pizzat: not the point, advertisement should be BIG!
mooty: yeah. you should totally whore yourself to make sure people remember your birthday. because it all pays off on the day itself. heh.

I was really just half-kidding, but it sounds as if it could work.

But not like I’ll need to use such shameless tactics any time soon. I mean, it’s only 20th September! Still two months and four days to go before my momentous fifteenth birthday on the 24th of November! Besides, I don’t REALLY want anything for my birthday. Even though I’ve been eyeing lots of new expensive stuff, I would rather suffer in silence than have anyone fork out money to get them for me!


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