little dirty book of secrets

Mooty Python and the Holy Cheese of Impending Doom!

I have decided that Philosopher’s Stone is my favourite Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows is my least, and I want to try writing a romance story, because while all my fanfics have romance and all my romance is in my fanfics, I’ve never tried to write an original romance story, only lots of vague poetry.

The first round of prefect nominee speeches started this morning! I was rather detached from it this time because there weren’t really anyone I knew from there (save for some waterpolo juniors). The sec ones went up first, and they were all really lame and corny. Like, seriously. When I was in sec one my batchmates sounded more interesting and driven. This year, most of them paired up in their campaigns and tried to make us laugh, but, alas! All the witty ones must have been sifted out in the earlier stages, because the speeches today were all unmoving and un-witty.

Therefore, it is likely that I shan’t be following up my Prefect Stalking this year, because it’s tiring to think up questions and try to entertain with every line. I shall consider if there are interesting personalities (I admit Moses Soh was rather feisty, and Chentian was idealistic, so they both became my targets previously).

Rafflesian Spotlight is holding auditions! I tried to persuade some people to form a group with me, since I wanted attention and adoration, but didn’t have the courage to go up there and sing something myself. No one wanted to join, though, and most remarked that I should go audition and sing “Girlfriend”.


Matthew: Geoffrey, you’re lesbian!
Geoffrey: No, I’m not! I am physically attracted to GIRLS!
Matthew: Yeah, that would be the point, wouldn’t it?
Geoffrey: HETERO!


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