that’s almost all, folks


I’m entering Muggernirvana soon, and have no time for you plebeians. I’m out to mug and unleash my true genius potential!

I’ll still post irregularly and shortly, so just pop in every few days!

But of course, the REAL reason of the almost-hiatus is so that you guys wouldn’t get distracted in your study. It’s just too easy to pop in and read of some good clean Mooty fun. Man, it’s tough running as POPULAR and ENTERTAINING a blog as mine.

Heh, played soccer today during the free period, which was ultra fun, since I scored a cool goal from a corner, sending the footballing world into hysterics. Nah, actually everyone was just shocked that I could actually do something with the ball other than fluff it the opposite direction of where I intended it to go. I am rather bad at ball games, considering I’ve been in one for the past three years D:

My new haircut has received mixed reactions. One faction thinks that it’s cool and nice and revolutionary, while the other think that I look like a chipmunk, a funny bunny duck, a comic book character or other nonhuman characters. It’s a good thing my hair grows as fast as Harry Potter’s, and anyway in one week’s time everyone would have seen and commented on my hair, and no one would care anymore.

LiteRAture EOY promises to be a killer.

And I need new wallet, hole puncher and swimming trunks.

Gone mugging.


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