witty witty bang bang

brent: I already AM a star. (and a vain, narcissistic one at that.)
Dan: I am slowly mastering the art of wet-towel whipping! It’s great fun after trainings.
byap: Yeah, I know, and… *agrees with pizzat*
stacy: Britney is the epitome of loudness, crassness and sexuality!
issy: We did the actual DISC test too! (school invited the people over, and we used the cool-looking booklets) And why can’t you handle blogspot? Personally I prefer WordPress, but I want a tagboard.

I went to watch 881 last Monday.

To be honest, I didn’t really appreciate it. I like local movies, but it’s not much point if half the movie’s in Hokkien. However touching the getai songs may be, I have to read the subtitles to understand it, and as everyone knows, no language is like another. So the essence of the movie was lost. It would appeal very much to people of the previous generation, but nope, not much catharsis for me.

I want to watch a million other movies (Hairspray, No Reservations, and 999998 others) but that’d have to wait till after the exams. I have successfully become Mugger Mooty. I spent the morning mugging Chinese (and eating cookies, and playing on my handphone, and walking around the house pretending to mug Chinese)!

I fear I suffer from a chronic weird dream disease.

I would sleep and, more often than not, dream something awesomely weird and implausible.

While I should be glad at the fact that my dreams aren’t wet (all strictly PG-13!), I am nevertheless mildly disturbed, and worried for my mental condition.

The dreams are mostly amalgamations of random stuff I think about in the day, like: school, DMP, computer games, my crush, waterpolo, horror, cynicism, adventure. Most of them are just awkward and embarrassing, and I shan’t elaborate.

Maybe all weird writers get dreams. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was based off a dream!


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