iconic, innovative, inspirational, imba

I have a flurry of tags! What a gratifying day!

Nigel: Belt-whipping is weirdly therapeutic and satisfying to the average sadist. In fact, I think they should have a DMP module on that!
stacy: Only if you want to, and are wearing long pants. (which is kind of obvious, since no one wears a belt with shorts, except weird heterosexual men with bad dress sense trying to be funky)
Dan: In whipping? I beg to differ. Belts are much easier. And you wear belts everyday, not every Monday. So it’s a whole week of good clean sadistic fun!
zhiming: Yeah! But I think I’ve forgotten every single grade of piano I took up. I shall have to relearn them again! Including the theory! ARGHHHHHH MUGGING PIANO
Greg: Point taken, but, meh, when approaching songs I tend to do so for the music and not really trying to interpret the lyrics and such. I do enough of that in lit. And most singers don’t really mean what they sing, anyway – half of the emo singers out there aren’t emo, etc.
pizzat: That would have been mildly credible if not for the fact that A) the timestamps on all your posts were all four minutes away and B) I was sitting right next to you watching you tag.
stacy: I was referring to popular music, mostly – where it’s mainly not how the notes are played, it’s how loud/crass/sexual the song is.
brent: She doesn’t need to.
jonlian: But… I prefer referring to him as Student Sitting At The Back!
brent: *laughs inanely at your typo and whips you with a belt*
gabriel: Done!

We had CLE today, which was rather fun. We did DISC profiling.

D is dominant/driven.
I is influencing/inspirational.
S is stable/steady.
C is correct/compliant.

I was an I! Which, basically, is the funky one. So, woot. And it totally fits me, too! (the weakness of an I was something about being manipulative. HAHAHA)

Personality tests are fun. Like Myers-Briggs etc.

I have metamorphosed.

I am no longer Matthew!

I am, for this month and the first half of the next, Mugger Matthew!

So, rawr! I eat homework for breakfast.

I am a MATHSSEXUAL! (refer to last part of this post)

Mugging progress
English – no need to.
Chinese – two chapters and a half in
SS – barely need for any mugging
History – nope (but again, mugging isn’t crucial)
Lit – annotated half of Death of a Salesman
Physics – nope
Chem – nope
Maths – nope

English exams are so boring now. I liked it in primary school, when we got to write compositions and invent new worlds on foolscap.


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