face books

I think I remember faces better than the average person.

Maybe quiet, unpopular people naturally get this ability.

But it’s true, anyhow.

In P6, I went to the Chinese High to sit for SMOPS! You know, the math competition. But at the prize presentation I saw someone I recognised.

A few months ago I went for some chess competition at ACS Barker. I won the first match easily and fought a pro next (I lost to him). He was wearing a PE shirt and light green school pants (ugh), from a Bukit Panjang-ish school. Well, anyway, I saw him at SMOPS!

So, then, I saw him again at the toilet, and actually went to stage an epic toilet confrontation! I went up to him and was like “Hey, you went for the chess competition right? I played you.”

He was probably a little freaked out that a random Lilliputian boy had went up to talk to him in a Chinese High toilet. Whatever. Oh, so he didn’t recognise me. Didn’t expect him to. But I’d recognise those gaudy light green pants and that curly hair anywhere.

In separate news, I was going through my Statcounter statistics (an occasional exercise to determine my online popularity, in characteristic vanity). I realised that for my previous post, I had been linked by a number of gay websites and forums.

And many of my visitors had previously Googled keyphrases such as “otto fong gay” and “otto fong gay teacher” and “otto fong coming out” and “kim wakerman” and “udders teats”. Like WHEN did I write about udders and/or teats? Gross.


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