rainbow rabbits


I didn’t know Mr Otto Fong was gay.

But in response to Section 377A (which prohibits gay sex to an extent), he had decided to “come out” in his letter to the public.

Otto Fong is a Science teacher at RI, and a talented comic artist – he published “Sir Fong” and a sequel (out of a whim, I went to get “Sir Fong II”). He has never taught me before (I think he taught the Express students though) but if he did, I’ll probably love his lessons.

And what a coincidence, anyway. I just stayed up last night to finish SQ21 in a day, which is as one-sided as gay chronicles go. But really, really poignant. I mean, I rarely LIKE to read anything these days (which is sad, and explains my stagnating writing standards), other than Harry Potter.

So Mr Otto’ll probably lose his job, or get interviewed by pro-government newspapers like ST in a very negative light.

I’ll just keep him in my prayers.


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