being against the grain

Just went to library@orchard to get Last Boy and SQ21.

Read a little bit of Last Boy, but poetry confuses me (I’m a plebeian!), so I went to read SQ21 instead.

I’m halfway done, since it’s just so readable. Oh, it’s about Singaporean gays and lesbians and bisexuals living in the 21st century telling their tale.

I think ostracising homosexuals is like racism, isn’t it? Being homosexual is a medical condition something you’re born with!

Oh, and I guess it’s not true that artists eventually turn gay.

I think it’s because only gay artists have the moxie to publicly acknowledge it.

After all, art is about being yourself.

And no matter what they all say in church, God loves his little gay and lesbian children too.

On a separate note, Last Boy is a nice book, the cover and the formatting within. I think that’s why I’ve always wanted to be published. So that I can hand someone a book and say, “That’s me.”

Deep inside I hope you feel it too


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