RI ought to come with a warning label

Today, on my way to and from RI (to do the poster with Jon – two hours of cutting and pasting and fretting), I noted a large group of primary school students hanging around.

Apparently, there had been YET another event for primary six students. I’ve gotten used to the weekends where I would enter the school to find a flock of parents sitting and waiting in the school canteen, most probably for their “bright and intelligent” children to get their DSA interviews done with. In primary school I’d never come to RI before (only to the Chinese High to sit for SMOPS!) but I dreamed a lot about coming here.

Which is, to date, the biggest mistake I’ve made so far, but I’ll let it go.

But, anyway, the primary six students were all short and fat.

And spastic! Like, poking at each other and giggling and whatnot.

Which is totally disappointing, of course. When I was their age I don’t remember being THAT spastic.

I was worse.


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