yeah, because we all like to watch people cry

The Mother is watching television. I enter the room and note that show in question is NOT Korean.

Me: The Korean show ended? (as in, stopped airing)
Mom: Yeah.
Me: *glee* Finally!
Mom: Oh, but there’s a new one! *flips to Channel U: The scene is that of some mother and her autistic-looking child*

You see, my mother is usually a sane and rational person.

Until it comes to the TV.

She’ll come home at around five every evening after work , shower etc… and by seven she’ll be on the sofa, wielding the remote as a dangerous life-threatening weapon.

YES – she’ll flip to Channel U, the KOREAN SHOW.

Now, I understand I mustn’t begrudge my mom an hour of television, since I spend more time on it (occasionally) and because she’s a busy and hardworking woman who is entitled to some rest.

But the problem is, Korean dramas always go on forever and ever and ever (ever ever ever eh eh eh) AD NAUSEAM.

I think the previous one started in March, or April. And recently ended. Which means that she’s been at it for approximately one hundred hours already (considering 20 weekdays a month).

Which would be alright if the show was interesting, or action-packed, or funny.

But no. They’re always crying, or talking to an autistic baby, or crying, or dumping their boyfriend, or talking to the in-laws. Or cameoing some random hot Korean guy (who looks like a girl). Or crying.

The irony of it all – how people like to watch stuff that make them depressed.

And no wonder there’s this emo subculture going on. Too much Korean drama.

(Oh, thankfully enough, my mother doesn’t cry to these dramas. She’s got a form of disinterested cynicism which I kinda inherited. And then some.)


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