of prefects

I have always been fascinated with prefects, while not having been one before.

In Primary Three, the teacher would choose around four prefects from each class. I remember my friend, a small skinny guy, who sucked up to the teacher so much, and got made a prefect (after which he lost all the courtesy and started going awry, which was probably the start of my anarchistic cynicism!). Prefects in Pei Chun wore a rectangular badge which said “PREFECT” and a black tie.

But anyway, I am pleased to announce that I have the future Head Boy in my class!

[and here I want to post something about his sexuality, but my blog is probably being monitored by teachers, as is the norm nowadays.]

The news was released to the prefects on Tuesday/Wednesday afternoon.

By Thursday morning, half the sec 3s knew who was the Head Boy and his deputy.

News spreads really really fast.

I remember the first time I posted about him wayyy back before I knew him. (in my post, I refer to him as ‘pompous ass’. And also, that post was over a year ago, which just shows how less bitchy and more… ‘intellectual’ I’ve become in a year. So be thankful, sluts!) And according to him, he remembers the post too.


And the list of second-round prefects have been announced!

Prefect elections had always been a big thing in the lower sec years, since there were actually batchmates campaigning, and we knew most of the nominees.

In Sec Three, we expected none of this. Only the lower sec students got to be elected, and we hardly knew any, save for CCA juniors.

But it seems that the system has been changed this year! Sec Three foreign scholars can now be elected.


Firstly, these sec-three elected prefects will only have one year to serve the school, so what’s the point in electing them? We ALL know that this is an attempt to construct some democratic facade for the school, that “we don’t ostracise foreign scholars! We embrace diversity!” and all that.

But these people have only been in RI for one year! How can they know what’s best for us? They were not inducted into Raffles the good and proper way. They just came in and mingled among us, conspicuously foreign and not belonging to the school.

Let me make this clear. I have nothing against foreign students. In fact, I don’t mind Sagar, the Indian scholar in our class. After so long, I don’t even see him as a foreign student, and he probably doesn’t see himself as one, either.

But it cannot be denied that… they’re not wholly Rafflesian. They will leave RI/RJC having gotten an education, but not much else.

You see, I have been Sec One in RI before, and you have no idea how much I learnt in that first ‘orientation’ month in RI. The orientation camp. Our PSLs. During that time, I learnt the school song, the batch song (which I largely know by heart now, even though I don’t sing it all the time), the Raffles cheers, the various idiosyncrasies of RI. The urban myths (like how the RI swimming pool was built over a graveyard), the teachers, the CCAs.

The scholars have no idea, and I’m sorry to say this, but they’ll never be a complete part of RI.

I would know. I changed school in the middle of my primary school education (for GEP), and as a result don’t really belong to either school.


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