The RInspire interview was rather unnerving.

I walk into the room apprehensively. There are a group of five of them, sitting in various positions, slouching, leaning back, obviously comfortable. There is a lone chair right at the front, which was mine.

They ask various questions – few or none of which scripted. They seem to be coming up with questions as we go.

“D’you think there’ll be a conflict of interest somewhere, you being in the RT exco?”

I respond rather well (I think). I say stuff about how RT is for entertainment, while RInspire is about school-related news, so it doesn’t really clash.

They hand me an article, on some Scouts trip involving mountain-climbing. They ask me to give a name. The teacher-in-charge walks in, and makes small talk with the interviewers while I try so so so hard to think.

Mountains. Climbing. Altitude.

“Well, it could be something about ‘heights’ and ‘altitudes’, like… ‘New Altitudes’,” I manage to say. They take it without change in facial expression, but I KNEW it was a lame answer. Damn.

The rest of the questions are insignificant. I answer them mundanely, with one-liners – my voice didn’t seem to be working well either.

Ahh heck. Let’s leave it to God and pray I get a spot on the editorial team.

Being power-hungry is so much more fun than mugging.

I got a $10 Winnie the Pooh pen holder for Ms Kuang’s Teacher’s Day present – since I’m the hallowed English rep. It’s really cute.

See, there’s a cool blue liquid and Pooh and friends are like, floating on barrels and such!

Then again, uncute pen holders don’t cost $10.

I was quite desperate. I didn’t know what to get her, because I didn’t think she would appreciate plush toys. Someone who thinks HARRY POTTER is below her wouldn’t appreciate anything not remotely useful.

Oh and I’ve been listening to Imogen Heap the past two days, and she’s awesome!


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