criticise > praise

My Nohari has had lots more input than my Johari, though both have been publicised together.

Which just shows that more people like to criticise me than to praise me.

Which hurts. Real. Bad. :( Tell me, guys, what is wrong with me?? You’re making me ask all sorts of questions about myself, and thanks to you guys, I cry in my sleep EVERY NIGHT, thinking about the HURTFUL comments you describe me with.

Oh wait. I don’t have a sense of shame. Whoops.

On a highly related sidenote (in the grand scheme of things, everything is somewhat highly related to one another), I BORROWED “WATCHMAN” FROM THE SCHOOL LIBRARY! Also, mine was the FIRST timestamp in the book, which means its NEW. Which is like so cool. It’s like, I just bought the book!

Except that I’ll have to return it to the library in two weeks’ time.

Yep, graphic novel.


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