I will survive

Dan: Hah I want a video too! The emcees, for one, were hilarious. I wish I could think on my feet as well. They impromptued almost everything.
stace: Yes! But like every group that night was funny, other than the first one. (it was parody, after all.)
zhi ming: Eh? You don’t have to be a Lit student to go watch the parodies! (that said, you’re a fool for giving up literature!)

I like this song.

And I really need to survive.

I mean, It’s just three CCTs on three consecutive days next week. And a few thousand uncompleted projects that I simply have to do this weekend.

Oh well. At least Monday is staff training day (one of the few reasons I like RI :D) and Friday is Teacher’s Day celebration, which would doubtless be, eh, meaningful.

Oh wait! Teacher’s Day is like a visit-primary-school day right?? I still remember a conversation with my classmates.

Them: And next week it’s going to be Teacher’s Day!
Me: Oh yeah! It’s when you visit your primary school teachers right?
Them: Yeah.
Me (thinking): Uh… is that the day you offer them oranges?

No wonder 55% of my Nohari Window feedbackers claim I’m stupid. Pfffft! (on retrospect, I should have opted for the Johari Window like everyone sane)


Yes, I got an intra-school medal! Whee! I think it’s my first one ever.

(I mean, when it comes to inter-house stuff I’ve only taken part in dumb swimming relays which we always get last in, due to utter lack of competent swimmers.)

Anyway, I went for the B’div inter-house table tennis competition! I had fancied that my elite table tennis skills of SIX years ago would carry me through.

Evidently, not.

But, being the good Hullettian that I was (and also partly due to the fact that I lost my sense of shame somewhere in the middle of the year), I decided to sign up anyway. There were four rounds, and I had to play in two of them, both in doubles matches.

The rest of the time I had fun playing with random people. Yes, I know I suck at this, and have a non-existent control of the backhand. But it was fun nonetheless – I was playing more table tennis than the past six years combined! Heh.

Pei Chun, the primary school I went to before GEP, had this nifty area outside the sports hall where there lay a row of table tennis tables. For our class, it was all the rage amongst the boys, and I eventually got my own bat and all (I remember graffitising it). We spent all our recesses running there to chope enough tables for ourselves, and just kept playing, returning to class sweaty, red in the face, and immensely thrilled.

But, anyway, I played in two doubles matches and didn’t win a single set. Which is not totally my fault. It was equal parts my fault, my partner’s fault, and the opponents’ sheer superiority. And we gave them a good fight, too! My partner was rather good but occasionally made errors. I was rather erroneous but occasionally made good.

And doubles matches are so confusing, so that contributed to the losses. But in our last set, it was a crying shame! We were up 6-3 (first to seven wins) and somehow managed to lose and make it 6-all. Then we deuced until like 8-all, before losing the next two points and the game. ARGH I NEED MORE COMPOSURE AND SHOULD STOP ACTING LIKE A SCARED RETARD AND MAKING MISTAKES.

Oh, but in the end they called me over and handed me a silver medal.


1. I skipped CCA.
2. I had so much fun playing.
3. I got to do something for Hullett.
4. I got a shiny silver medal.


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