you know what? bah.

hoped for a third first, but ended up with my first third.

Our Lit parody, Deader than Fiction, bagged third at the six-team Lit parody finals yesterday.

So no hat trick of golds for Jonathan and me, then. Haha. You realise this was our third play performance working together?

MoV class performance – FIRST
Drama of History – FIRST
Lit parody – THIRD

I wished I could say we tried our best. And we did. But the sounds system screwed up more than thrice during the course of our play.

It didn’t affect the other groups as much, since most didn’t even use sounds. But we were a SINGING COMPETITION, for goodness’ sake.

It was time for my slutbitchwhore song. I walked up and everyone applauded and without warning the song started. Please note that “Girlfriend” starts IMMEDIATELY, no preluding music whatsoever. I fumbled on the first line, and the second line, and eventually started on the third line. The slut act succeeded.

After that, a “Beep” sound essential to the progress of the play was supposed to sound at the climax – and it didn’t. I was stunned – it probably showed. Shanzhi improvised greatly. I forgot if the sound eventually came on.

We got third.


Play 1: Juliet and Romeo
A sleazy take on R/J. I understood nothing. The highlight of the play was when Romeo’s pants was very apparently unbuttoned, and the crowd laughed for a good while before Romeo noticed.

Play 2: King Lee
Daniel’s group. This was an obvious allusion to Singapore and the “Lee dynasty”. It got the crowd going. But it didn’t win anything, because their play was more of a satire than a parody – and the focus became Singapore, instead of King Lear.

Cordelia: Unfortunately, my sisters are in Bali and the Maldives, and the only contribution they are performing for the country is that of, um, human resource!
Lear: And THAT is what you are unable to do, Cordelia, for the simple reason that you do not have a SPOUSE!
Cordelia: I do! [pause] What’s wrong with her?


Play 3: King Lear
This was the winner. It was funny. Jiahui was the BBC narrator.

Narrator: And for today’s segment, we will be presenting to you one of the greatest works of literature of ALL time. Presenting to you…………. Harry Potter. [pause] Oh, I’m sorry. You see, I misread. I was looking not at “Literature’s Greatest Tragedies”, but at “Greatest Tragedies of Literature”.

Ditto. Not phrased like this, it was much funnier no doubt.

Play 4: The Gods Must be Crazy
Second place. This was Leon’s group, after all. Boundless slapstick, but it worked.

[Romeo, Juliet, and a random guy hiding behind twirling an umbrella]
Romeo: We’re going to be together for ever…
Umbrella guy walks out and walks sideways toward stage left.
Umbrella Guy: Ever, ever, ever, a, a, a [repeat]

Play 5: Blind At First Sight
Timo/Jarrell/Shoujian/Burger/Zaki/Junyong/Zhixuan. Constant references to sight. Funny as well, but it lost the shine it had on the rehearsal night. The energy was lacking, and it was really slow.

Play 6: Deader Than Fiction

Ah well, we got 54/60 for getting third place. Way to get that Lit 4.0!

I want to join the RInspire editorial team! Then that’ll be two Raffles Publications I’m in charge of, hahaha. I wonder if my RT exco position will work for or against my getting a place in RInspire.


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