today was not our Final performance

We’re in the finals!

I’d thought we stood a very good chance, since half the groups didn’t even try to construct anything smart.

We did many changes in that last rehearsal, and it worked out for the better! Instead of being a mild quiet girl, Jon has decided to play Cordelia as a total airhead. So of the three sisters, one’s emo, another’s a slut, and the youngest is a bimbo.

Kieran made the BEST EVER improvisation on the stage this evening, when he forgot his lines. In fact, we’ve decided to include it tomorrow.

I also made the first cut for PSL selection.

I signed up not expecting to get anything but I actually made the cut! WHEE!

There are approximately 220 people left (YES I know that’s a lottttt) and they said something about selecting around 130 students through interviews and such.

I really really want to get in.

Shihang thinks that with me playing bitchy slutty Regan on stage, I’m TOTALLY in character.

Like, what?? I’m just a good actor!

Do I look like a slut to you?

Oh wait.


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