pow wow power.

Lynette made like fifty people include “POW WOW” in their MSN nick last night. Started with a few CAPpers I think, then random people from my MSN list started having pow wow in their names.

Geoffrey told me about how he was trying to get his friends to “pow wow” too, but that he was so fundamentally unattractive that no one heeded him. Aww. At least you tried.


I’ve gotten like nine people hooked on fantasy football. It’s cool. I’m not even that enthusiastic myself, but it’s fun to have a game to play.

And talking about football, yester-training was so fun! Okay parts of it. Brent and Pay and I were discussing the possibility of games like Waterpolo Manager 08 and Fina 08. We even invented some waterpolo tricks!

– Ronaldo’s hand-overs. (move your hands repeatedly over the ball)
– Ronaldo’s ball jinking (push the ball to either side)
– Zidane’s underwater headbutt
– Materazzi’s foul taking (elaborate turn in the pool and a loud roar of pain. Play dead.)
– Bicycle kick (with your hands – back shot)

Okay it isn’t that funny if you aren’t doing it spastically in the water.

I like being spastic in training.


My character, Regan, puts a new meaning to the word “bitchslutwhore”, which is so laden with negative connotations that they can’t all fit into a word.


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