never was anything

My GPA has reached an all time low! Woot!

And my Chinese got moderated 12 marks up so I PASSED LIEK OMG. Thank God! I thought there was a problem with my marks so I decided to tell the teacher (because I was honest. Honestly apathetic, I mean), but it was all moderation. Yeeha. I still maintain a 100% pass record yeah.

I’m working hard for Chinese, and I never thought I’d be saying this.

George came to our school to give a talk today.

(I figured I should refer to ministers by their first names, in order to appear influential. Also, so that I can maintain that I wasn’t referring to the minister, in case I get sued or anything like that.)

He was snigger-material for us bored RI students. Of course, anything is snigger-material for us, but he was especially so, since he was the Foreign Minister. He had a short speech about “Making a Difference”. He made references to Harry Potter and Star Wars (and pronounced Darth Vader as something totally different, I forgot what).

The Q&A was highly memorable. I swear, there’s a secret inquisitorial squad in RI hidden among the students, threatening to screw guest speakers upside down.

“Good morning, sir. What are your views on the recent ministerial pay hike?”

Applause and laughter. George deftly avoids the question by spending fifteen minutes talking about nothing in particular.

“Good morning, sir. What would you do if the 23 kidnapped hostages were in fact from Singapore?”

Applause and laughter. George uses the next ten minutes rephrasing the question, and lulls us into sleep before muttering an inadequate answer.

“Good morning, sir. I am Pek Wen Jie.”

I knew George was over.

And I was, of course, completely right.


Oh my god. Typical asshole-Pek!

Eh. I’m not being cynical or anything (though of course I perfectly am), but why do the students still bother to pose questions? I bet they all wanted to ask questions for the sake of asking, just a figurative way of sticking out their chest in pride. It’s like, as if they can derive anything from George‘s convoluted and beat-about-the-bush answers! This is how George answered questions.

1. Take a whole lot of time to rephrase the question using elaborate and emotive language.
2. Talk about something completely irrelevant.
3. “Thank you for the question”.

This was particularly evident in the PAY HIKE QUESTION (which was love). He spent like fifteen minutes talking about workers and competitive economies, and did not talk about ministers, or refer to himself, at ALL.

Well, at least we got to skip lessons for this talk. (though, boo that we missed PE as a result.)


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