Bad haircuts make you emo.

Lit CCT was cool. It was MCQ (and the RP lit people were all complaining about how they had to write essays, hah!)! The only gripe I have is the lack of time, but heck, I should be able to get AT THE VERY LEAST a 3.6, which is quite sweet.

A nice long Deathly Hallows review

I have been planning a Harry Potter fanfic at home and during selected classes. It will be Albus/Rose or possibly Rose/Scorpius. Albus, Rose and Scorpius all get into Slytherin and make friends! Whee! I like Scorpius. His name is so zen.

Restricted Section is SICK!

I hate people who say “pervertic” when they actually mean “perverted” or “perverse”.

I like my poems. I know they aren’t anything extraordinary or even remotely good. I know they’re shallow and not carefully thought-up. I know they’re nothing more than scan-through reads and cheap thrills. But they’re so me.

you see through me for what I really am
the layers of bravado and ego – you expose them.


One thought on “aslan

  1. I don´t think Rose and Albus could end up together, they are cousins and the Weasley family wouldn’t like it. However, I can picture Albus and Scorpius or Rose and Scorpius as possible couples.

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