power makes me, um, FLYING high

It’s totally worth it being in the RT exco.

One year has passed since this exco. We started my exco-ship doing some odd Photoshop work for the seniors and selling last year’s issue of the RT (which got blatantly ignored by everyone but the prefects).

We got many constant deadlines, and got screwed by the English HOD many times. Our issues were often substandard and behind time, and we got really close to getting sacked.

Bah all that.

It is totally worth it, I reiterate.

Yesterday, Chester called me. He said that I was to call up “two random sec one bastards” and ask them to print out some announcement and go do it the next day. I read the announcement and laughed.

It was the lamest ever announcement I had EVER heard in my entire peaking Rafflesian life.

And we were to get two nubile and spirited sec ones to deliver them.

So I emailed two random sec one bastards and lied to them in no uncertain terms that “they had been handpicked as two of the most promising sec ones”, and that they were chosen to deliver the all-important announcement in front of the whole school. I think I talked some crap about questioning their Rafflesian spirit (which NEVER fails to subject the addressee to some degree of emotional distress and guilt) and also asked them not to let RT down.

After the announcement, one of the two guys texted me! He was all, “Yay, Tks. May i do some more in the future pls?”

I think I shall start by making him do my homework and washing my shoes every week.


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