there is such a thing as a stupid question

In the course of the year, I have been asked many questions. Some are clever and probing, some are stupid, and others just so often asked to the point of annoying. So if you want to ask me a question, please READ THIS and see if your question hasn’t already been answered.

faq (which actually sounds like an insult directed at homosexuals, but never mind)

Why are you called mooty?

THIS is a Mootix (of Neopets). It is just like me – small, green and irritating. Mooty even sounds like my name, if you speak in an oversimplified China accent.

WAHLAO mooty your blog is so… sarcastic! Not funny one!
[sarcasm] Orh okay. From now on I shall insert all my sarcasm in SARCASM tags so you can be warned of them. But then you wouldn’t have anything to read anymore. [/sarcasm]

RI is so proud, just like you liddat. YOU RI NERDZ!
Hi-five! I agree! Oh wait, I can’t hi-five plebeians – I didn’t bring my Dettol along today.

Why are you so mean/evil?
Is it just today, or are you always this fat and ugly?

How do you solve the Rubik’s cube?
You spin it around your thumb a few times and blow into it.

Are you really a Christian? You are so blasphemous.
Don’t make me set Jesus and his forty-three daughters upon you.

mooty! How come you’re so sick-minded and vulgar!
Tee hee… “How COME“…

Matthew! You this year Primary what ah?

How are you finding RI?
*guilty look* All I can say is, sodomy for the win! Auspicium Melioris Aevi!

mooty! Why are you so lame!
I’m not lame! I can walk! *explodes into peals of laughter*

If your questions have not been answered in the FAQ, rest assured that your own question will be answered in the same caustic fashion. Have a nice day, losers.

(I shall post this in my wiki)


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