In case you care (and for my personal reference)

Module Package Module Description Hours
EL6A A Raffles Today: A Day in the Life of a Journalist (with Fieldwork) 15
HI1A B1 Political Cartoons 6
LI7A D Medieval Madness (with Fieldwork) 15
EX_EL1 Lyric Poetry 6
EX_EL2 Creative Writing Workshop 6
Total hours: 48

Hah, it turns out that I had already signed up for two external modules, so I needed to sign up for 12 less hours! If you’re taking the same as me why not take the same timeslot! Thanks!

Of fourteen days of DMP, it turns out that I have only ONE totally free day. Crud! What a waste! Next year I shall be more street-smart, and try to fulfill all/most of the hours by the time DMP actually starts officially, like some of the smartasses around.

Yay DMP sounds really fun. It’ll be like a school holiday, except that we all know that the time given is actually for us to study for EOYs.


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