I have a wiki

My third post of the day, so go check the rest out! (I am in a particularly festive mood today, thus the posts)

It is time to reveal my newly formed wiki. Yes, I have a wiki!


There are many advantages of having a wiki. It forces you not to write about the recent events of the day, and you are allowed to satirise ALL AND SUNDRY using a matter-of-fact tone. I have done many articles! Most (like the Harry Potter one) are rather disappointing, but some (like the one on coolness, my personal favourite so far GO READ IT) are sublime.

As a guide, all the articles linked to in the Sidebar are my favourites, so click on those.

I might let others get to edit the wiki in the near future, but now I’m just having fun.

I have written on CAP and CRAP and coolness and litgasms and Shakespeare and Esplanade Chee.

It’s no wonder I never do my homework.


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