Today was wear-red day. I now have only one red tee that fits me, which incidentally is a very nice shirt.

The day started out ominously – Mr Teo’s theatrics.

“BOYS! I need not remind you that you must tuck in your red shirts into your pants so that you can all look just like me.”

He didn’t exactly say that. To that effect, anyway.

“THOSE who did not wear school pants and wore your own pants, please go to the canteen now!”

A couple of boys leave. The atmosphere is tense. We might get picked out from the crowd for random unwitting offenses.

“Enjoy the celebration.”

A few of us laugh. Even after three years we still haven’t gotten used to how Mr Teo can talk about seemingly happy stuff while still sounding like we just managed to burn down the school or something.

The program was largely unexciting. A Guest of Honour came to give a long monologue about everything and nothing in particular while the school pretended to be listening. Then there were various performances by musical groups. The only thing I liked about the whole thing were the two NDP song music videos. I’ve changed my mind: they’re really nice songs and videos.

The Drama of History guys got to leave early fortunately: rehearsals started at ten.

After so long most of us have lost the drive in our acting – the prize has been won, the giant cheque brought back home. We all managed to remember our lines though, which was good. We’ll be performing for two last times tomorrow, and then the end of this chapter of my life! Heh. I heard Geoff and Lisa will be coming.

After that a few of us Lit/Hist guys went to hang out at Vivo! It was so fun. I got to try out a display Wii. In case you don’t know, the Wii is freaking gorgeous.


Also, we milled around. Vivocity is actually quite a nice place to mill around in provided you’re with friends. We played table soccer at adidas, which I totally suck at (but still managed to score inexplicably random goals). Then they went to watch The Simpsons and I came home because I had watched it ages ago already! It’s awesome.


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