we were nubile and fresh

Incidentally, the post title could be used to describe a horde of prostituted Vietnamese virgins.

Which, of course, is really what Sec One RI students all are.

Class 1P ; January 2005

Pek has slimmed down A LOT in two and a half years. He has even gotten a semblance of a TAN! And of course everyone now looks less weird and more mature (with the exception of me. I think I’m like P5 now.)

I also have no earthly idea is that thing on my left wrist.

So, go, 1P. (we don’t even say 1P now; we say 2P. So weird.)

Tomorrow we are obliged to wear a red T-shirt with our normal white school pants. Ugh. I bet Mr Teo will ask us to tuck our T-shirts into our pants, as always. But of course, tucking a perfectly civilian T-shirt into our pants will make us look horribly geeky and Rafflesian, which is undoubtedly the effect that he wants to create.

I directed and modeled in a really cool photo, called The Tower of Babel. It involves chairs (and I’m sure my classmates all know what I’m talking about) and my signature emo pose. I think it wasn’t that well taken – shall do a better one next Monday or tomorrow if time permits.

Hasta la vista!

You’re way too beeeeeeeeaaaaauuuuuuutiful girl

This song stuck itself into my head because of the stupid “SUUUUIIIIIICIDAL” and “beeeaaaaauuuuuuutiful girl” and I found it on rbc and have been listening to it a few thousand times this evening.


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