chucking balls

The school has been playing National Day songs all morning for the past week. National Day songs are rather nice, ‘cept that they all sound like one another.

Also, I like CCA Day.

The coach announced the B’div captain!

Brent: I think it’s Marcus.
YH: Should be Marcus.
Me: Marcus or Yinrong.

And yes it was Yinrong! I just knew it. Mr Lim has been relying on him so much in Marcus’ absence to ‘lead the team in training/PT’ and yadda yadda. And I think better him than Marcus. And to think back in sec one he joined waterpolo a month later than us because he transferred from rugby! But I remember that he was like the most consistent RI player in last year’s C’div so no surprises. I think Kaiyu will be in the exco too.

Also, I have decided to be a motivated team member! I have practically no chance of being in the team, especially since I slacked too much recently (heck, I have no tan now) and I was always at a disadvantage. But if I am to be training fodder, I’d want to be GOOD training fodder!

(woah. All please laud my indomitable spirit. … Yeah right.)

I haven’t gotten a chance to get down to the gym. Kept wanting to but I can’t find someone else to go down with me, like Brent or Rich.

Drama of History is going to put up their final (most probably) performance on National Day, at the National Museum. (Go find out from the others what time the performances will be staged) I have no idea if admission is free, but please go down and support us/me and I will give you a hug (unless I don’t like you)! I really enjoyed this competition and it’s all going to be over… over….

I’m also trying to get the hang of singing Girlfriend for the Lit parody. So far I sound terrible, but the slut part is definitely there. (I was born to whore.)


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