Fridays are always breathers to me, now.

is a beautiful song.

I tried to read Deathly Hallows again, but stopped after the first chapter. Normally I would have been amused by Harry’s interesting encounters with the Dursleys and been intrigued by his many magical exploits in school (even though I’ve read books 1-6 like a hundred times by now), but Deathly Hallows is different. Plot remains as good, but as it sheds some of its “childishness”, it also loses the part I liked to read about it. Harry Potter was readable for the Mirror of Erised, the Polyjuice Potion, the Hippogriffs, the golden egg, the contact DA coins, the ‘double Potions with the Slytherins’, the ‘detention, Weasley’ and the Quidditch.

Instead, Deathly Hallows merely had the three teenage wizards gallivant and live like hobos for a year while embarking on a futile mission to kill the DARK Lord and his DARK minions and all that dark crap.

Maybe it’s just me, but Harry Potter without Hogwarts is just… not the same :\


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