Got slightly sick yesterday, and took the SS CCT while so. Didn’t do really well, since I didn’t mug it and couldn’t describe the stuff.

So I decided to absent myself from school today! Like about five others in my class, who got the flu bug too. Note this comes almost immediately after a barrage of deadlines and tests.

Which is a really good thing – finally, a break! The sec-2 me would be all rushing to the computer to play Maplestory, since no one else would be playing (ironically enough, MS is best enjoyed when there’re few people online). However, I now find pleasure in just lying down on the bed and stoning thanking God for getting some rest.

Then Jon calls me and asks me to rush out some RE since the report is due on Friday. So, whee!

I think teachers need to be given breaks every now and then, then they wouldn’t be that anal-retentive and menopausal.

Also, I failed Chinese CCT. I’d ought to see it coming since I hardly studied, but I think this is the first time I’ve actually failed a Chinese test and so I’m feeling crabby and like an asshole and so all of you can just screw off. With one another. (though that wouldn’t work out because my blog readership has a severe gender imbalance)

I need to go read a BOOK. I’ve read Death of a Salesman today but that doesn’t count because I’ve read it already and it’s a lit text.

I will work harder. Tomorrow!


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