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Yesterday was kind of busy.

School. Then I went for some Chinese thing. A Chinese government official gave a sucky slideshow presentation of China. I spent the time discussing with Ben Liu the racist/sexist/communist connotations of the slideshow. And that’s that – I get the Chinese marks! (yay. I kind of like this system. Attend an hour’s worth of boring Chinese, and you get five [or so] marks added to your Chinese grade!)

Then our class went to support RI in the Ortega Cup. I think the old boys won SJI old boys, but that SJI won us in the U-16 tournament! Jon and I left early to do up the Lit parody script – we actually finished it by 6.30! Which was quite cool. Scriptwriting is sort of fun, except that I suck at it.

Dramafeste was GREAT and totally worth the $5. Hullett started first – it was a truly moving performance. It was dark, stark, and even [insert word that rhymes with stark and dark]! Catharsis came at the end, as Anish went up the steps of the LT to beseech everyone to believe in their ideas, just as he had believed in his. The prison guards at the back were eerie, and also eerily perfect. It was rather minimalistic, in terms of props and cast, but both were maximized and used in various creative ways, making use of the stage very well.

The other two plays paled in comparison – unfortunate for them that all three plays grappled with the same issues, and thus HAD to be compared. Even more unfortunate that Hullett’s play came first, which made me disappointed with the other two. Hullett’s play made every other school play seem like amateurish class skits. Go Hullett!

I think blogs are kind of useless.


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