I didn’t know wands had ages!

Spent the afternoon after school finishing the rest of the book. I liked the penultimate chapter! Though the last chapter was so lame and utopic. And the names of the second-gen kids are so retarded! And it wasn’t said what happened to Luna ):

Deathly Hallows: too many deaths – a mythical tale lived out – an immortal made mortal. It was truly an epic tale. I beamed with recognition, as familiar names wove their ways into the story. I was going back to Philosopher’s Stone all over again, and then Chamber, and Prisoner, and Goblet…

And now, after Deathly Hallows – I shall write fanfics again. NOT going to write about The Adventures of A. S. Potter or something dumb like that. Indeed, with the seventh book set in place fanficking potential will doubtless have diminished. There is little left that can be left to the imagination.

Fix You – Coldplay

It’s the only non-Norwegian Recycling song I have on my phone right now and I’m listening to it all the time.

I like it when it rains at night, because it’ll be all cold and I’ll snuggle under the duvet and try not to think about anything.

I just wrote a nonsensical poem. Go figure (and comment), especially since I haven’t been poetising for rather long. Or writing at all.


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