Why I Want To Burn Down RI – an angsty article written by someone called Mootimer Chan. Click HERE to read and comment thanks!

Yes. As the post title suggests, I’m not going through a very good patch right now.

What with all the homework and tests crushing me.

I can’t think of what to blog.

I think homework and stress does that to you. It pulls your sense of humor from under your feet – you trip, and land on your bottom. The teachers close in and laugh at you. Your maths teacher is inciting them to. He’s taking the lead, calling you a failure, a barbarian – at every retort you attempt to make, he interrupts you and sneers, stamping on your nose and sending blood spurting all over.

Which is so HBP. But I’m not feeling particularly creative today.

I saw Lynette at Orchard MRT station after school, on the other escalator, among other highly thrilling events of today, like trying to do up my maths assignment. I think I will start mugging more from now on and stop wasting my youth away chasing friends and a social circle. Then maybe next time I can grow up to be serious, formidable and fun-hating, like Mr Teo Chai Yaw! (whee!)


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