I’m going to get Deathly Hallows as a gift! Like, so cool right?

I’m going out soon. And when I return home, I shall be busy molesting my book and shall not do anything.

NOT EVEN mug for Physics and Chinese, or even blog! Until I read the last line!

(actually I already know the last line because Shanzhi and a few others told me. Nothing less than I expected :\ THE WHOLE FREAKING CLASS WAS DISCUSSING IT THIS MORNING. And they were belting out real and false spoilers so I didn’t really hear any real ones. Goody me.)

I HAVE THE BOOK! One of these days, I shall camwhore and do many highly suggestive and questionable actions with the book. But now is not the time.

Now, I read. [insert Latin quote here]

Anyway everyone, I have my own version of Harry Potter book eight!

It’s called Harry Potter and the Marketable Eighth Book!

Apologies to J K Rowling.

I posted it on my ficblog! GO CHECK IT OUT O NUBILE PALS. And post a comment or something. I KNOW there are loopholes due in part to me not having read HPatDH but this story wasn’t meant to make sense, people! It’s just an avenue for me to crack cheap sexual jokes and poke fun at random Harry Potter characters I don’t like, like Harry Potter. Duh. Okay fine it’s not really funny. I just created it last night to avoid math revision.

Anyway math test today was really manageable, other than the FREAKING TIME LIMIT. I managed to do everything but the log graphs question. The other log questions were easy, so was the sum/product of roots question. CIRCLES – I left it to the last ten minutes. Solved the second question.

Five minutes, and there was just… ONE question left.

Part a was done. Two minutes left. *drumroll*

I took lots of time on the second part. Just couldn’t find the geometrical property.

Half a minute.

Found the damned property. Feverishly did working – WE HAD TO WRITE THE STUPID NAME OF THE PROPERTY WHICH WASTES SO MUCH TIME – last step!

138/2 was the answer! I just had to calculate –

“Time’s up.”


[THE ANSWER WAS 69!!!!!!!11111 OMG I got jacked by a sex position that is so wrong.]

Kthxbai. Potter beckons.


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