we are elite so we allow you to bow meekly to us

The post title was totally random.

WE WON THE DRAMA OF HISTORY COMPETITION YAY! YAY! YAY! I can’t believe it. Even my arrogant and overbearing self quavered (a little) as the results were announced.

We had acted great. I think it’s because there was an audience to laugh at our jokes, which kinda boosted our confidence.

“Third place, TKGS!”

Phew, not third.

“Second place goes to Hougang!”

We knew Hougang performed well so if they got second we might have a good chance of winning. And anyway, phew, not second. I know for a fact we would all have been disappointed at nothing below first. In the words of Jon: “we must aim for at least first!”

“First place goes to…”

Raffles. Raffles. Raffles. Raffles. I have no idea what I’d do if we won NOTHING oh shit please let it be


“YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!” I spring out of my seat with exceeding panache, and hug people.


We go down beaming like the idiots we are. Jon takes the enormous trophy, kisses it. We all take turns kissing it. Yay! Our saliva is ALL OVER IT. I jump around even more, and grin at the gigantic cheque that we always see in gameshows and such. THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS ONLY yeeha I am rich!

But money don’t matter, right? The only thing that matters in life is friendship, courage, bravery, love and – yeah… *insert smiley* We take turns camwhoring with the cheque, the trophy, and just as a team, which doesn’t really qualify as camwhoring.

Oh yeah oh yeah. What did I say? We would win, because we are winners. We are


(inside joke. Yay! Let’s all insert inside jokes and let outsiders cry.)

Oh yeah then we were celebrating outside the auditorium and making lots of noise, and some security guard (old, mean, anal-retentive) came up to us and barked “Don’t make so much noise! This is a museum, not a market!” We feigned remorse and eventually left, thinking of ways to KILL him. One way was to convert the prize money to 5-cent coins and throw them at him! Hah. He was also rather freaky – he kept following us as we left the place, trailing a few meters behind and staring at us meanly.

And to top off the happy day the fatigued LitRA people went to catch KING LEAR yay.

I was slightly apprehensive because Ms Kuang said it was four hours long.

I don’t really LIKE King Lear. It’s so depressing, even if it IS a perfect example of human condition blah blah blah.

And yes. I SLEPT for brief periods of time. Hey, I had been slogging my guts out acting and was busy WINNING a competition, and was rather tired from previous late night. And we were all the way up in Circle 3 where we could barely see anything clearly. And there were many emo and actionless scenes, especially before intermission.

Ended almost midnight. CityLink Mall was CLOSED crap. So I walked around above ground and eventually reached City Hall MRT where I got fetched by my father! Thank God for fathers.

Thank God for everything!

My eldest sis got first class honours for her thesis.
My second sis got a job.
I won a competitionnnnnnnn.





Shall be getting it soon anyway.


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