tomorrow busy busy

7.25 – 12.20 – School
12.20 – 3+ – Drama of History FINALZZZZZ (hah I get released early from Lit)
That to 7+ – Stone around with Lit people, dinner
7+ to 11+ – KING LEAR

Busy day tomorrow, probably won’t get to go home, so I’d better pack a light bag.

Had Drama of History rehearsal today – our very very last one!!!!!! Argh. It’s all been rather fun, something for me to look forward to in schooldays. It’s fun rehearsing and all that. I hope we win! BECAUSE I HAVE THE RAFFLESIAN SPIRIT AND WANT A RAFFLESIAN VICTORY! No, actually it’s because I want more prize money.

Jon has a weird obsession with photo shoot projects after the urinal ones, and keeps featuring me in his crazy ideas. Today he wanted to do one on school and how I was an angsty student, LOL.

Conversations with classmates have changed drastically in the past year. Last year we were all obsessing over MAPLESTORY and KOL and other games. Now the classmates mostly discuss Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Evanna Lynch (she plays Luna), and even the purportedly hot RJC daughter of *a bio teacher*. Bleh.

Talking about Harry Potter – Spencer managed to download a Deathly Hallows leak from the internet and was telling Beng and Rich what was in the last book. ARGH! SCARY! I kept an even wider berth from Spencer today for fear I might just hear – gulp – SPOILERS. The experience must not be tainted, yessir…………..

TWO MORE FSCKING DAYS! There should seriously be a Luna/Harry pairing but it is impossible because Harry has impeccably BAD taste and thus would go for freckly red-haired unhot girls like Ginny over perfectly hot eccentric blondes (blonde right?). Luna and Neville is just so wrong. It’s like JK Rowling just wanted to fit everyone in a BGR so she just clumped them together. There is totally no reason why Luna would like Neville.

Also, Harry must not become an Auror. I think he should become a Hogwarts teacher lol. And in the book, all the Dark wizards seem to be related to Voldy in one way or another, so when he vanquishes Voldy, won’t there be NO NEED for Aurors? Bah humbug. They should get retrenched.

Oh please don’t let Deathly Hallows be dark, please let it be magical and stuff because we’ve had enough darkness in the past three books. But obviously not. It’s gonna be all “OMG-MUST-AVENGE-MY-PARENTS” and “I-WANNA-KILL-THE-EVIL-VOLDY” I hate how the story is so dark and perverse.


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