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Back to Monday. One more week to tests and such! Argh.

Got 3 for log test, which was exactly what I expected. See, I’m psychic. Mr Vijay scolded everyone, and I felt a little guilty and slackerish. Okay I shall stop being an asshole! I shall start mugging for the maths test…. soon!

Yay the Harry Potter movie is making me like Luna more and Ginny less. Eew Luna better not end up with Neville, that would be so sick. Neville can go with Lavender Brown or Parvati Patil… oh crap why am I discussing HP pairings like an obsessed fanboy? (yeech five more days to Deathly Hallows!)

Lynette wants to set up a sex blog. I have no idea what that is, and thus conclude that she is trying to corrupt me.

Okay see, the main part of my blogpost will be on Christians, and how we’re like the most hated people in the world!!!!!!!!11111111 I mean, other than Jews, because everyone loves to hate Jews (and RI students).

See, my theory is that some Christians just don’t get it.

I know someone who tried to bring her friend to church. Then her friend found some part of the sermon funny and started laughing. Then some woman from the front turned back crossly and said “Please show some respect!”

Um. I think Christians should just keep down the ostentation and stop being complete assholes, because honestly if you believe in God, you should know that He looks at the heart. He KNOWS who’s good or who’s bad. You don’t have to be all anal-retentive and ‘defend’ the honor of God in church. Just to, um, pretend.

Secondly, I don’t think you should just CHASE A FLEDGLING CHRISTIAN AWAY. It’s like whacking a toddling toddler (ha ha) on the head when he’s done something wrong, when he doesn’t know what he’s being punished for. If you screw a newcomer up just because he doesn’t know the unwritten “rules of church”, obviously the message being sent would be that Christians are all unfriendly (like RI!), prissy (like RI!), and elitist (like RI!).

Then I was talking to this RGS friend. She goes to church quite a lot, but isn’t really a Christian per se. So she was writing some Christian prose, then her classmates were all flaming her for writing Christian prose while not exactly being a Christian! And apparently the classmates like to corner her and force-evangelise, LOL.

Which is totally what I envisage RGS to be – a house of elitist mostly-Christian schoolgirls who impose their views on everyone! But see, I’m not supposed to flame RGS since we’re ALL ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY.


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