my conspiracy theory

Went for CAP alumni meeting, followed by Harry Potter OotP yeah. See, I knew it was gonna suck, but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. It’s just something about the series.

Yes, it sucked. The whole damned movie series had been threatening to suck ever since the first movie. In the third movie they cut off a whole third of the movie, especially towards the end. The fifth is worst.

They leave in a kissing scene (while not exactly fleshing out Harry’s and Cho’s relationship. They are seen friendly together only one scene after they kiss – the next scene with them together Harry’s pissed at Cho.) but leave out all the cool tension battling scenes???

This movie is just a this-is-a-brief-summary-to-tell-you-what-happened movie. No tension, nothing. It sucks both ways. If I hadn’t read the book, I’ll have no idea what the heck is going on. If I have, I’d be VERY VERY disappointed.

OH and Pek and I came up with a theory behind the movie while talking nonstop during it.

Everyone in the movie is either hotter and/or taller than Harry.

See, for Hogwartsian standards Harry is rather short.

Hermione is hotter than Harry.
Ginny is not as hot, but she’s kinda taller too.
Cho is kinda hot.
Luna is quite hot. (except her irritating voice)
Ron is slightly hotter, definitely taller.
Neville is FFFFFFUGLY. But yes, taller.
Umbridge is shorter, but quite cute – in a strictly unhot kind of way.
Dumbledore is cooler, and taller.
Fred and George are really good looking, and taller, and I liked how they took centrestage in this story, for one scene at least.

Yay Harry Potter mania! Now for Deathly Hallows.

Lol at Buddha’s tooth.

The papers today seemed to dispute the authencity of Buddha’s tooth relic at some random temple. They claimed that the tooth looked like that of a herbivore.

And you know what? I agree very muchly. *insert sacrilegious comment that gets my blog all controversial and popular*

On an irrelevant and non-controversial sidenote, I have learnt to solve the Rubik’s cube with… ONE HAND!!! *applause* Yes, I reach new peaks of idiocy every now and then. It is rather fun, doing that. I got inspired by BARRY who did that a while ago. Lol. I average about 5.30min, but my high score was a whopping 3.30!!!!!!!! Okay doesn’t say much because I’ve only timed myself like five times.


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