Rich is now my ardent reader

EDIT: Urinal photo shoot is up. Check out my Friendster to see them. (hah. Sneaky way to get more profile hits!) Credits to Jon for being my trusty photographer. CAMWHORING IS FUN, kids! So emulate me and start snapping away! (at yourself, doing stupid cute actions.)

Okay. I shall not be bad to Rich anymore, because I have seen the error of my ways I want him to join my Friendster fan club.


Okay. I have compiled a very short list of HIGHLY irritating songs.

  • Umbrella
  • Girlfriend
  • My Humps
  • some other song.

A lethal combination of four songs to suck the will to live out of ANYONE! Hahahahahaha. To be fair I think I quite like Umbrella – just the end of the chorus that if cropped and looped about a few hundred times, could have rather devastating consequences.

Mole concept test tomorrow. Heard it was easy AND open-book, shall take it as such then.

My life seems to be consumed by Drama of History among other things… stayed back for a largely useless rehearsal today. Andrew, our best actor, may not be able to make it for the finals so we tried to find replacements in Junyong and Shang Xuan. I think we eventually decided on SX since he is in Chinese Drama Circle, but there is really no comparison to Andrew. Andrew was MADE for that bitchy role – the accent, the poise, the stage presence, the sluttiness. Apparently there MIGHT be a teeniest chance he might be able to make it so let’s just pray shall we (:

Talking about Friendster
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I know you like pictures so here’s another of my brief trysts with Microsoft Paint with its wonderful functions. This looks rather crappy, especially the GREEN BOX that should be grey. But I figured that green is more visible.

Ohnoes Rafflesian Times is so screwed. We are overdue on the second issue and may not be able to publish a third this year. Which means we are all SOOOOOO f**ked!!!!!!1111oneoneone I hope I can still be an exco member next year :( Looks like I’ll have to make more attempts of pretending to do work. I’ve been placed in charge of mobilising the members to do sales, along with the other two sub-editors. Hah. Hope I don’t have to sell it that much this time. I want recess.


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