praise God, hahahah!

I decided to be retarded in the school toilet today. I shall ask Jon to send me the photo and I will prolly post it on my Friendster!

Aye aye! We are through to the Drama of History FINALS!

See, I knew it all along, even amidst the pessimism emanating from teammates. Perhaps I was slightly cocky and arrogant as always (I am reminded of last year’s SPH competition NOOOOO) but I knew the script had potential and so did our lead actors. I think that’s what won us a trip to the finals – the script’s insight and Andrew, who did his best in playing a slut-bitch hahahahhaha. Jon was a great scriptwriter and director – this is the second play I’ve worked with him for and it is yet another success! He revived the rather dry History RA script, sticking to the original insight while injecting humor where appropriate.

Only bad thing – more work more work more work. Rehearsals allocated at the museum next Wednesday and Thursday, with the finals next Friday. Likely to have some school rehearsals too. AHHHHHH stress overload please relieve me God!

The kindergarten kids are soooooo cute.

I went to the kindy with Jon feeling rather stressed and tired of the stupid children who think they have perfect license to

1. sit down and bounce up and down on my knees
2. throw cushions at me
3. laugh at me for no reason
4. run around and make lots of noise
5. hit me

Yup and they did most of that today and I was my usual pissed self. Then at the end of the lesson someone turned on a radio in the corner. It was playing Tears In Heaven, and apparently they’ve been listening to this a lot because they all knew the lyrics. Their teacher had taught them it! And there was a sheet of lyrics stuck to the wall above the radio haha.

Then they all started singing it together, in their wispy high pitched voices, cute girls and cute boys alike, swaying their heads to the music. And you must realise that the song is really nice. I was reminded of a choir, instruments playing in the background…

So I melted. It was like they could do no wrong after that, and I departed with a funny warm feeling within.

SWIM FINALS TODAY. Who went? I didn’t see anyone I know outside school. Small social circle could account for this.

I was forced to go, since waterpolo members were excused from training today and encouraged to come support, bah. Can’t remember the last time I had to go support the school, so it was rather interesting I suppose.

We owned! We, the Raffles house of schools. We bagged 5 of the 6 titles available – but the one that we didn’t win could have been the most important to us – the C’boys title. So no RI swimming double this year, and we may have to wait mighty long for the next one. The Raffles people ended the event by

a) singing the RGS school song
b) singing RI/RJC school song
c) Unite cheer
d) quick Spirit cheer

GEE. Can’t they have NEW post-competition routines? Always the same old. Went home and had my sugar fix on the way – MCDONALDS STRAWBERRY SUNDAE. I think I’m in love with it now.

Okay bye work beckons.


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